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CBD may help provide relief from flu and other viruses

The common cold comes and goes as incessantly as the ebb and flow of the ocean, with around one billion cases of colds emerging every year in the US. While most people rely on various foods and products to deal with their symptoms such as tea, chicken soup, and over the counter medication when necessary, CBD can actually serve as an effective treatment as well.

Of course, CBD won’t cure a common cold but it can provide effective relief of many symptoms such as headaches and pain as well as helping promote sleep and recovery to get over the ailment.

Cannabinoids found in the plant serve to strengthen the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is essential for regulating the core functions of our body such as appetite, sleep, and pain. This allows CBD to provide well-rounded relief from viruses like the common cold while also helping regulate pain through its anti-inflammatory properties.

Inflammation of the body leads to excess mucus, which results in clogged sinuses and runny noses. CBD can effectively treat this source of inflammation without affecting blood pressure or heart rate unlike other decongestants, and is free of any serious side effects to boot.

Pinene is a well-known terpene that can be found in various parts of plants and herbs. One of its claims to fame is its capabilities in clearing airways and eliminating bacteria that can quickly result in viruses such as the cold. It has been documented as having effectiveness in treating bronchitis as well as asthma, clearly distinguishing its ability to improving conditions related to the throat.

Terpenes have gained popularity alongside CBD users as it can promote more widespread health benefits such as battling symptoms of the flu.


According to Dr. David Allen, cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) help improve the immune system’s ability to protect the body from viral infections with CBD serving as a natural antimicrobial that targets bacteria. When a virus is found, this triggers a response by the immune system as well as increased inflammation, which can actually kill off healthy cells in the body and have major health repercussions as a result.

Cannabinoids effectively reduce the activity of the immune system in the event of a viral infection, which can minimize the inflammation and prevent serious after effects. When the immune system is strained to a high degree, this places enormous strain on the body and can rapidly lead to other ailments than the common cold.

The endocannabinoid system is unable to maintain a balanced level of activity from the immune system, and cannabinoids step into the important role of inducing an efficient response from the immune system that won’t send it and the body into overdrive and exacerbating the situation.

Dr. Robert Melamede of CBD Science believes that CBD can used to treat people who contract swine flu by relying on cannabinoids which decrease the immune system’s reaction while also preventing overactivity that can have serious and even fatal results.

CBD is a very capable antioxidant, which are critical to promoting physical and mental health. The major role of antioxidants is to prevent oxidation, which leads to the creation of unpaired electrons called free radicals which harm cells and can result in serious diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

These free radicals can induce widespread instability throughout the body, resulting in the degradation of healthy cells as well as vital DNA. CBD has been shown to be a very capable antioxidant just like vitamins and can help maintain a balanced health through adequate cellular activity.

Hemp-derived CBD include omega 3 fatty acids which can manage inflammation as well as boost the immune system’s defenses against various threats. Along with terpenes, this can help form a powerful synergy to provide an enhanced boost to the body’s health and ability to combat viruses.

Using CBD to stay healthy

CBD comes in many different forms to fit the specific needs of dealing with a common cold. CBD tinctures provide flexibility as it allows for customized dosing and can be held under the tongue or added to a cup of hot tea or soup to provide added relief.

Salves can provide relief from body aches and soreness, while CBD vapes provide a much smoother option for smokers who should probably refrain from smoking CBD while dealing with a cold. Body salts have become another option to provide soothing relief as well.

Various CBD products can be purchased through CBD MED, a major CBD distributor. They manufacture quality CBD oil from organic hemp in their goods ranging from gummy edibles, oils, creams, and even capsules. This allows for consumers to indulge in a non-psychoactive alternative to THC, which can result in dizziness or discomfort during a bout with the common flu.

Their Colorado CBD Gold line features pharmaceutically developed wellbeing capsules that can be effectively used as a supplement to strengthen the immune system’s ability to fight off colds and other miserable viruses. CBD MED’s diverse CBD lineup can help cater to the wellbeing needs of those looking for a dose of cannabinoids to maintain optimum health.

Catching a cold is an all too common occurrence, particularly due to seasonal changes and airborne viruses. A healthy infusion of medicinal CBD can provide rapid relief, utilizing its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties to help reduce fight and fight off viral infections to keep the body healthy and functioning at all times.